Creating Videos for Successful Sales

More and more businesses are using explainer videos, whether you have a new product, service or app, the versatility of explainer videos makes it ideal for the entire sales process. If you need to greet your prospects with lots of valuable informational content, explainer videos can ensure that your brand stays fresh in the minds of your customers. In addition to the sales funnel, you can use explainer videos to give your conversion rates a big boost.

The kind of explainer video you create depends on the stage of sale you are in. Let’s now have a quick look at how explainer videos can help you nail successful sales.

It’s All about Smart Lead Generation

The first stage of your sales journey (lead generation) is the most crucial. Simply put, this is the stage where customers are checking out your brand and evaluating if your offering fits into your lifestyle and interests. An explainer video that makes the prospects feel more connected to you at this stage can be the best thing you ever did.

Your goal should be to provide the audience with an idea about the value of your products and services. Not to forget, you should include a call to action where viewers can decide what to do next. Medical experts suggest that people are more likely to remember what they see. And explainer videos give you a chance to tell people about your business and get them ‘hooked’ for taking the next step – i.e. buying your product or service.

Here’s the rule you need to remember – you are the expert, so you need to explain why people need your services. Also, you know your product better than your competition. What are you waiting for? Show your prospects why you are the best solution. 

Customers Need Guidance

 Once your prospects are interested in your brand after the first encounter, they will be looking for some specific information. And this is the exact reason the mid sales explainer video content should be more educational than the other sales process stages. Exciting product tours and demo videos can prove useful at this stage. Demos and product tours can give prospects an idea about what using your product would be like.

The explainer video you come up during the mid sale process should focus on four simple things – the problems faced by your customer, the solution (how your product/service can be the answer), how the solution works and last, a compelling call to action (tell customers what to do next.) Encouraging prospects to buy your products and services can be the best CTA at this point.

Client testimonials can also be added to explainer videos. You can tell prospects how well your product or service has worked for others. Using webinar recordings and case studies is also a great way to educate potential prospects. Simply put, the more you educate prospects on how your products and services work, the easier it will be for you to convert them into potential customers.

A customer halfway through the successful purchase process is also concerned with the quality and utility of your services and products. And you are likely to lose a large number of potential customers if you fail to address the concerns and expectations of curious or interested prospects at this stage.

Post Sale Explainer Videos

Once the sales deal is sealed, and the client wants to buy your product and services, you can pat yourself for the job well done. Even after the deal is closed, you still need to keep customers interested in your brand. Make sure you have a couple of explainer videos that tell customers how they can make the most of your products and services. It’s also a nice idea to have some troubleshooting videos – a visual guide that can help customers resolve the commonly faced problems and issues. Troubleshooting videos can also be useful for prospects – you can use these videos to convince potential leads that your product is the right choice for them.

The bottom line is that creating engaging, customized visual content for customers throughout the sales process can help your business grow. Give customers an insight into your product and allow them to feel more connected to your products. Remember, when you develop a way to integrate explainer videos seamlessly into your sales funnel, you are guaranteed to watch the number of successful sales grow.

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